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First Call Medical Solutions Training Alliance offers CBRF Training and Certification with UW Green Bay Registry entry, for Students and Employers who need all four (4) required classes as a package, or individual classes. For Students, we also offer a path to employment upon completion of Training.

Our Training Center is located in Menomonee Falls, WI. For Employers, we will provide training in our Training Center, or at your location (for a nominal fee) or remotely. We also offer Employers Group Discounts for larger class sizes.

Training Alliance’s Trainer has been involved with CBRF’s for over twenty years; twelve years spent co-owning two CBRF locations. Our Trainer is Certified and listed on the UW Green Bay Registry, and their hands-on experience provides both a coursework and practical, real-world approach. This ensures a well-rounded CBRF Caregiver who is set up for success!

Class Descriptions

Standard Precautions:

  • Two (2) Hour Class
  • Learn proper practices to reduce the spread of infection/infection control
  • Hand hygiene, glove use, and other protocols

Fire Safety:

  • Three (3) Hour Class
  • Cause, response, evacuation, and process for extinguishment of fire
  • Fire Extinguisher practical experience

First Aid and Choking:

  • Four (4) Hour Class
  • Proper steps in First Aid and response
  • Protocol for assisting choking victims
  • Training on the Heimlich Maneuver
  • Basics of First Aid procedures in many scenarios, including Cardiac, falls, accident prevention and reporting, Stroke, and many more

Medication Administration:

  • Fourteen (14) Hour Class over Two (2) Days
  • Proper procedure for passing medications
  • Medication pass simulation
  • Understanding, transcribing, and reading the MAR
  • Training to prevent medication errors

Contact us at (414) 774-5600 or Training@firstcallmedical.net with any questions, to request a Training Calendar, or to schedule Training!